“The New Adventures of Max” (2017)

Storyboard Pro

Two sequences I boarded for an internationally released featurette called The New Adventures of Max.

“Boots & Brewster Bathroom Sequence” (2015)

Storyboard Pro

Animatic for the sequence set in the¬†bathroom for a children’s educational short commissioned by Shriners Hospital for Children focused on burn safety awareness.

“By the Horns” (2014)

Storyboard Pro

The animatic for my 2015 senior film, “By the Horns”.

“Heights” (2014)

Storyboard Pro

An animatic about a gargoyle who is deathly afraid of heights.

“Cupcake” (2014)

Storyboard Pro

A short animatic for an assignment requiring a complete reinterpretation of an audio clip from any film, featuring a chubby child having to give up his prized possession at the gates of Fat Camp.. The audio is from the movie Dumb & Dumber.

“Shots” (2014)
Storyboard Pro

An animatic based on the prompt of waking up in an unfamiliar place. Petty thief and drunk Lewis Ratcliffe gets more than he bargains for after pickpocketing an unsuspecting victim.

“Lost Dog” (2014)
Storyboard Pro

An animatic based on the prompt of a lost dog. A young demon’s first day on the job goes awry when he realizes his boss’ dog has gone missing.

“Gullible” (2014)
Storyboard Pro

An animatic based on the prompt of theft. Sick and tired of subsisting off of beach leftovers, a gang of seagulls hatch a plan to raid the local gourmet restaurant.

“Wolfsbane” Sequence (2013)
Traditional media

A boarded sequence from a television series idea titled “Wolfsbane”. Set in Victorian London, young naturalist Basil Baxley moves into a small flat with Ratcliffe, a local drunk and hooligan with a hairy secret. Currently on display at Savannah College of Art and Design’s sequential art and illustration building, Haymans Hall.